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Inspiration for life
for body, mind, and soul.

What’s in store for you on this site?
Guided meditations on CD, guided meditation MP3s,  fantasy journeys, relaxation techniques, spiritual trainings, books, lectures, films, and seminars by Sera Benia – all to help you practically and purposefully realize your dreams and aspirations and live more consciously in your life. For more balance, joy, health, success, passionate living, love of life, harmony, and adventure. Since how does that wonderful saying go: Don’t dream your life . . . live your dream!

So much more is possible than you think.

Welcome to Sera Benia Publishing.

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Out of love for life
guided meditations on CD, guided meditation MP3s.

Whether you’re searching for answers for very personal matters or need healing support in an emergency situation. Whether you just want to acquire a bit more balance in your life and take a mini-vacation from your everyday concerns, or are seeking to powerfully train your spirituality and improve your contact with your higher self and the spiritual world. Whether you’re aspiring to develop your personality and cultivate empathy, or hoping to mobilize powerful positive energy as a prayer for the world.

With our exceptional, varied, practice-proven meditations and exercises, each one of us is capable of simply doing what is good – for ourselves and for our loved ones.

For guided meditations on CD and guided meditation MP3s dedicated to a wide variety of themes, please visit our shop.

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Spiritual paintings in poster format –
for healing our inner child.

Spiritual paintings touch our soul, giving us loving support during times of change and beyond. This is why you’ll find inspired spiritual paintings on most of our CD covers.

Upon the request of several of our clients, these small works of art by our spiritual painter Benedikt Heiming are now available in large poster format. Some of them also include loving and empowering quotes from the guided meditations by our author Seraphine Monien – joining together for an especially powerful effect. For example, to heal emotional wounds from our past.

For healing and empowering spiritual posters, please visit our shop.

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A person writes a letter to someone

Sending love
spiritual postcards with uplifting paintings and quotes.

It’s easy to give other people joy. With our exceptional postcards, you can truly send heartfelt greetings to your loved ones – as a sign of true friendship, an act of true love, or an offering of peace or forgiveness. The inspired spiritual paintings on the postcards are truly treasures of the soul that will touch every heart.

Each postcard also includes uplifting spiritual quotes from our guided meditations.

For spiritual postcards with quotes, please visit our shop.

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