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Recovery – Guided relaxation and guided meditation

Strengthen your hope and confidence

  1. Recovery – Guided relaxation and guided meditation

Playing time: 59 Min.
Author/Speaker: Seraphine Monien

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Audio sample

We recommend listening with headphones.

The recovery meditation to overcome personal crisis

This guided recovery meditation helps you to overcome personal crisis, for example a life-changing diagnosis or shocking pieces of news like a divorce, a sick spouse or child, financial difficulties or even a mental health problem like depression.

Personal crisis can be uprooting to your whole life and it is very important that you don’t lose your hope and confidence, for morning will come and is already on its way to you.

There is always hope

This guided meditation encourages you to believe and experience that when you least expect it, a new door will open and the light of grace will illuminate your whole life.

With the beneficial support of this strengthening exercise from life coach and meditation teacher Seraphine Monien, you will realize that your miracles are possible, even if it is a mystery to you what these miracles could be.

You will come into contact with the healing energies of the divine spirit and you will surrender all your fears and concerns while you discover the healing power of the source of life. You will relax and find recovery in the infinite love and compassion that is in the essence of your invulnerable soul.

A soothing sound design to support your recovery

Like all guided meditations and exercises from spiritual life coach Seraphine Monien, this guided recovery meditation incorporates an amazing sound design.

It is accompanied by specially-arranged, continuous, gentle music that includes calming, three-dimensionally recorded nature sounds from North American places in nature (without loops). With varied, subtly-balanced volume levels, the words and music harmoniously lead your consciousness into a state of deep healing relaxation, and then back again to waking consciousness.

In a state of deep relaxation, a gentle balance between spoken guidance and pauses allows you to recover and strengthen your hope and confidence.

Your immediate help for personal crisis – Download now

Benefit from this effective and strengthening guided meditation to overcome your personal crises and download this exercise now securely and easily.




Do not listen to the meditations while engaging in activities that demand your attention (operating machinery, driving, etc.).

Note: The products and offerings from Sera Benia Publishing do not provide diagnoses or promises of healing, nor do they replace consultation with a doctor or health practitioner, or any other therapeutic treatments.