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Find the best guided meditation for your current life situation

Looking for exceptional, practice-proven guided meditations? That’s exactly what’s in store for you on this site! Guided meditations for stress relief, powerful healing meditations, guided meditations for letting go and meditation mp3 downloads showing you how to find inner peace and reconcile with your self.

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These guided meditations offer more than just relaxation

With our various meditations and exercises, each one of us is capable of simply doing what is good – for ourselves and for our loved ones.

The guided meditations are suitable for both beginners and advanced practitioners and incorporate a unique sound design. The exercises are accompanied by specially-arranged, continuous, gentle music that includes calming, three-dimensionally recorded nature sounds from North American forests (without loops).

With varied, subtly-balanced volume levels, the words and music harmoniously lead your consciousness into a state of deep healing relaxation and then back again to waking consciousness.

A balance between spoken guidance and pauses allows you to find your own individual answers and solutions for the theme being addressed in a meditative state.